The India Safari Club

I always had a passion for the outdoors; hunting, shooting, fishing, all of these experiences undertaken in the style of my ancestral lineage - the Maharajah's of Jodhpur. Safaris and their reflective modes of transport whether camel, Jeep, elephant or horse allow one to really explore deserts and jungles, witness at first hand stunning scenery and wildlife as well as creating the opportunity and to meet the fascinating tribal people all of which India has in abundance. I have been fortunate enough to be able to establish a business in what I love best, recreating and creating memorable safari experiences in the great Indian outdoors ! Just for your knowledge the whole Safari concept was given birth in India - the word "SAFAR" means travel in Sanskrit/Hindi - the British only took it to Africa much later.

"THE INDIA SAFARI CLUB" - The one-stop "safari" shop for all Indian safari experiences.
There is The Camel Camp Osian for Camel safaris, The Ranakpur Safari Club for Jeep, horse and walking safaris; The Central India Safari Experience for wildlife, Tiger and Elephant safaris; The India Safari Club's mobile camping outfit allows us to camp anywhere in the country thereby enabling you to create your own safari in the destination of your choosing; finally the Raoti is the India Safari Club's HQ and soon to be boutique residence, located in Jodhpur providing a comfortable base and convenient access to our other safaris.

If you are looking the ultimate 'TRUE BLUE' Indian safari experience, neither superficial or concocted, then look no further than The India Safari Club.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Reggie Singh